100% of all suction cups on sale are always of very good quality. They create a VACUUM in order to stick onto where we want to fix them. They're clever and very practical.

But in order to retain the VACUUM you must ensure that there is a PERFECT SEAL between the suction cup and the surface on which it is fixed!

To ensure that a suction cup stays firmly in place it must be:

  • Clean of all DUST, BITS or other DIRT. If necessary wash it with a little soap and water.
  • The surface on which it is to adhere must also be SMOOTH and above all WATERPROOF. A mirror or window is SMOOTH and WATERPROOF by its very essence. Tiles are too, as is laminate, Plexiglas, the bathtub, hard plastic, etc. Always clean the surface before fixing the suction cup.
  • BEWARE of matt, slightly rough surfaces, or those with (micro) scratches, lacquered units, etc. They are not waterproof!        
  • BEWARE also of limescale, dust and other dirt, etc. They can prevent the vacuum!
  • It is therefore FALSE to believe that humidity in the bathroom is the cause of poor adherence.


Unfortunately all suction cups, even those that are extremely well fixed do not stay in place forever. This is completely normal. But there's no need to panic: in general they stay in place for between several months and one year or more. They just have to be re-fixed. The bigger they are the longer they stay in place.  

A word of advice: re-fix them from time to time to refresh the vacuum.

"He who walks confidently has no fear of falling"                        Corneille (Poly.II,6)