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The TWISTMIRROR is no ordinary magnifying mirror. It's a magnifying mirror that understands women and their everyday needs. Firstly there's the magnifying aspect. Unfortunately eyesight diminishes and a 3x or 5x magnifying effect is no longer sufficient. The Twistmirror comes in two versions, either with a double mirror with one side magnifying 6x and the other side a standard mirror, or with a double mirror with one side magnifying 10x and the other side a standard mirror.

Magnifying mirrors currently on the market are all made of glass and are therefore relatively fragile. The Twistmirror is the only UNBREAKABLE magnifying mirror of perfect optical quality, just like glass. So you can take it everywhere with you, with no fear of breakage. It also has a patented powerful suction cup holder. This suction cup just needs a twist to create a vacuum ensuring strong adherence to any smooth, dry surface.

Another big advantage of this great new magnifying mirror is the telescopic arm with two bearings. This allows you to extend the arm up to 80cm, well past the washbasin, and articulate it through 360°. The Twistmirror is also the only magnifying mirror with which you can see the back of your head, allowing you to style or cut your hair.

The Twistmirror is an original idea by Mr Jules Messinger who invented it in the seventies and has since improved it still further. Several patents have been registered. Over the years this magnifying mirror has become a wonderful discovery for so many men and women who have found it to be a faithful friend, every day. As my father Jules Messinger said, thousands of women think of him every day …

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M.Claude Messinger
(Manager of Technical Novelties)